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Diet and Fecal Health in Dogs: Meat vs. Kibble-Based Diets

It seems that dog enthusiasts and various “experts” are continuously debating whether meat-based diets are really healthier than kibble for dogs, but a revealing new study on the interaction between diet and fecal health is an important research-based step in putting this debate to rest once and for all. Today, I would like to bring to you an interesting new study revealing how diet affects… {Read More}

Dangers of Canned Pet Food

We have often heard that canned pet food is healthier than kibble, and in many respects this is absolutely true. However, canned pet food poses its own health risks – not necessarily from what is in the food, but rather from what the food is in. Canned food products are lined with a material containing BPA, a chemical that has become a topic of controversy… {Read More}

Protein Meal in Pet Food: Is it Bad?

In this article, we will take a closer look at two more aspects to consider when selecting a food for your dog or cat: protein meal in pet food and ingredient splitting. A common tip when selecting a dry pet food (kibble) is to make sure that the first few ingredients listed are fresh meat, such as chicken, beef, lamb, goat, etc. This would seem… {Read More}

Protein Quality in Pet Foods

This article goes beyond the “numbers” on pet food labels to take a closer look at determining protein quality in pet foods. My recent article, Comparing Protein in Commercial Pet Foods, covered making sense of the Guaranteed Analysis on pet food labels. In that article, I showed how to convert the “as fed” listings to “dry matter” (DM) in order to accurately compare amounts of… {Read More}

Comparing Protein in Commercial Pet Foods

Comparing protein in commercial pet foods is critical to determine which food is best for your dog or cat – and determining how you spend your money. Comparing protein in commercial pet foods can be confusing, no matter how savvy a pet food consumer you are. That’s why, in this post, I want to get back to basics and, in particular, discuss the “trick” of… {Read More}

Novel Protein Diet for Pets

What is the difference between a “novel protein diet” and “exotic protein diet” and does your pet need one? I work with many clients whose dogs suffer from a food sensitivity, and oftentimes the client is at a loss for what to feed their poor pet that won’t cause a reaction. This is when they turn to me to create a novel protein diet –… {Read More}

Are Gluten-Free Pet Foods A Fad?

Are gluten-free pet foods a good idea or a fad? Over the past few years, “gluten-free” has become a popular trend in the human food industry, and pet food companies have also jumped on the bandwagon, with a host of new gluten-free pet foods and treats. But these products can be pricey, and gluten-free does not necessarily mean “healthy”. In this post, we will discuss… {Read More}

Is Commercial Raw Pet Food Dangerous?

Recalls of commercial raw pet foods have increased recently, but does this mean they are dangerous? In recent weeks, I have reported on several voluntary recalls in the commercial raw pet food industry. Most of these recalls have occurred among the largest, most well known names in the industry. Since I often recommend raw commercial pet foods to clients and feed my own beloved dog,… {Read More}

Oh, No, Blue Buffalo!

Blue Buffalo admits to by-product meal in its products, even though the company’s Web site and advertising state that they do not use by-products. Have you ever taken Blue Buffalo’s True BLUE Test on the company’s Web site? Or maybe you’ve seen Blue Buffalo’s many advertisements about how their products contain superior ingredients to other pet foods, including the assertion that they never use chicken… {Read More}

Would You Trust Your Pet’s Health To Nestle Purina?

Beneful Lawsuit Raises More Questions Regarding Pet Food Safety On February 4, 2015, a class-action lawsuit was filed in California against Nestle Purina, claiming that Purina’s popular Beneful dog food was harming – and even killing – thousands of dogs. The lawsuit alleges that Nestle Purina added the solvent propylene glycol to Beneful, resulting in the illnesses and deaths. According to the US Government’s Agency… {Read More}