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Diet and Fecal Health in Dogs: Meat vs. Kibble-Based Diets

It seems that dog enthusiasts and various “experts” are continuously debating whether meat-based diets are really healthier than kibble for dogs, but a revealing new study on the interaction between diet and fecal health is an important research-based step in putting this debate to rest once and for all. Today, I would like to bring to you an interesting new study revealing how diet affects… {Read More}

Pancreatitis in Dogs: Save Your Dog from this Common Threat

Pancreatitis in dogs is something dog guardians should be informed about, as symptoms of pancreatitis may not be as obvious as one would think, and leaving this condition untreated could be deadly. The symptoms of pancreatitis could be confused with other conditions, but with an awareness and some background information, you could be your dog’s best advocate against this serious health issue. In this article,… {Read More}

Organic Food for Pets: A Good Idea or Hype?

I have a confession to make. I own a t-shirt that says “Kale University” on it. I eat a lot of kale. I have even made kale brownies (hint: kale does not belong in brownies). The point is that because I eat so much kale, I purchase it organic. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization that provides research-based information about the… {Read More}

Benefits of Warm Food for Pets

Picture this: You’ve just peeled off your scarf, heavy coat, gloves and snow shoes after spending the afternoon shoveling cold, wet snow from your driveway. Your mind drifts to images of the perfect food to thaw you out – a steaming cup of soup, or perhaps a hearty, warm casserole. Have you ever noticed that as the seasons change, so does your taste in food?… {Read More}

Turkey Tips for Pets: Is Turkey Safe for Your Dog or Cat?

When I was growing up, my “sister” was an apricot-colored Toy Poodle named Taffy. Taffy lived almost 17 years on a varied homemade diet lovingly prepared each day by my mom. But one food mom never gave Taffy was turkey. She always told me that dogs shouldn’t eat turkey, although she never specified a reason. As I entered adulthood, adopted my own dog and delved… {Read More}

The Wonders of Winter Squash for Pets

Autumn is such a lovely season for its cool breezes, beautiful leaves and harvest picking. We conjure idyllic images of ourselves sipping hot cocoa, wearing a cable knit sweater and cozy scarf while picking apples at an orchard or pumpkins from a patch. We take the pumpkins home, carve them for Halloween, and roast the seeds. Pumpkin is a particularly prevalent ingredient this time of… {Read More}

Comparing Protein in Commercial Pet Foods

Comparing protein in commercial pet foods is critical to determine which food is best for your dog or cat – and determining how you spend your money. Comparing protein in commercial pet foods can be confusing, no matter how savvy a pet food consumer you are. That’s why, in this post, I want to get back to basics and, in particular, discuss the “trick” of… {Read More}

Novel Protein Diet for Pets

What is the difference between a “novel protein diet” and “exotic protein diet” and does your pet need one? I work with many clients whose dogs suffer from a food sensitivity, and oftentimes the client is at a loss for what to feed their poor pet that won’t cause a reaction. This is when they turn to me to create a novel protein diet –… {Read More}

Xylitol and Dogs: Protect Your Pet

Xylitol and dogs are a potentially deadly combination. Learn how to protect your canine companion. Many of us associate the sugar substitute xylitol with chewing gum. And with all of the publicity surrounding the dangers of xylitol and dogs, most of us thankfully by now know that when we are done chewing our xylitol-containing gum, we must discard it in a sealed, “doggy proof” waste… {Read More}

Are Gluten-Free Pet Foods A Fad?

Are gluten-free pet foods a good idea or a fad? Over the past few years, “gluten-free” has become a popular trend in the human food industry, and pet food companies have also jumped on the bandwagon, with a host of new gluten-free pet foods and treats. But these products can be pricey, and gluten-free does not necessarily mean “healthy”. In this post, we will discuss… {Read More}