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8 Tips to Save Money Preparing Your Dog’s Food

One of the biggest myths that I encounter is that preparing fresh food for your dog will drain your wallet. I was also concerned about this many years ago when I started cooking for Chase. But the fact was that his health depended upon it, and so I put cost aside and dove full steam ahead into home-prepping his meals. Over the years, I have… {Read More}

Why do Dogs Eat Grass?

Recently, my co-author Dr. Jean Dodds, wrote a fantastic article on Why Dogs Eat Grass. Since I am often asked this question by clients – and many take it as a sign of concern – I wanted to share this article with you today. So, let’s take a look as Dr. Dodds unpacks the latest scientific research on this topic for us. Hopefully, this will… {Read More}

Dangers of Canned Pet Food

We have often heard that canned pet food is healthier than kibble, and in many respects this is absolutely true. However, canned pet food poses its own health risks – not necessarily from what is in the food, but rather from what the food is in. Canned food products are lined with a material containing BPA, a chemical that has become a topic of controversy… {Read More}

Xylitol and Dogs: Protect Your Pet

Xylitol and dogs are a potentially deadly combination. Learn how to protect your canine companion. Many of us associate the sugar substitute xylitol with chewing gum. And with all of the publicity surrounding the dangers of xylitol and dogs, most of us thankfully by now know that when we are done chewing our xylitol-containing gum, we must discard it in a sealed, “doggy proof” waste… {Read More}

Fun and Easy Homemade Dog Toys

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be fun to write a post about easy homemade dog toys. Many of us put as much thought into our dog’s holiday presents as we do our human companions. After all, who doesn’t love to watch our dogs dance, jiggle, hop around and wag their tails from the shear joy of receiving a new toy?… {Read More}

My Beef With “People Food”

“Pet food” versus “people food”: which is best for your animal companion? I like to ask people what type of food they give their pets. I find it interesting. After all, pet nutrition is what I do. What I also find interesting are the people who proudly answer, “I never give my dog/cat any ‘people food’!” Often, they say it so exuberantly, so triumphantly, as… {Read More}

Weighing in on Pet Obesity

Obesity is a disturbing epidemic that increases chronic illness and decreases lifespan in companion animals. I have a holiday confession to make. Last night, my partner, Rodney, and I were enjoying a lovely South Florida evening with some cheese (goat’s milk, of course) and crackers (okay, and a glass of wine 🙂 ) on the back porch. While engrossed in a story Rodney was telling,… {Read More}