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I’m-Yunity Extends Lifespan of Dogs with Cancer

I’m-Yunity Medicinal Mushroom Compound Extends Lifespan of Dogs with Invasive Cancer I’m always coming across the latest product touted as a “miracle cure” for dogs. Sadly, many people purchase such products in desperation to help their beloved animal companions, but many – if not most – of these products end up doing nothing more than draining the person’s wallet. That’s why when I discover a… {Read More}

Anti-Cancer Foods for Dogs

If you want to use nutrition to help prevent, manage or treat canine cancer, then you won’t want to miss this article on anti-cancer foods for dogs. I have just completed an anti-cancer diet for a client whose dog has oral melanoma, and in putting together this recipe, I was once again struck by the power of nutrition and its role in combating this insidious… {Read More}

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

In this post, we look at the many benefits of coconut oil for dogs. The other day, a veterinarian friend of mine asked me an excellent question: “Why do you always talk about coconut oil?” In response, I began spouting off the benefits of coconut oil for dogs to her. And then it dawned on me that perhaps more people would like to hear my… {Read More}

Nutrigenomics: The Future of Your Pet’s Health

It’s all in the genes! Nutrigenomics represents the future of both human and pet nutrition and is the cornerstone of the Pet Food Diva philosophy. By the time you’re finished reading this post, you’ll be familiar with important terms such as gene, genotype, genome, gene expression and epigenome. These concepts are pivotal to creating optimum health for your pet at the cellular level. The Humane… {Read More}