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Healthy Skin and Coat Treats for Dogs

In the cooler months, dry skin can become a problem for some dogs, so I decided to create a healthy and delicious treat to help nourish delicate winter skin with my Healthy Skin and Coat Treats for Dogs. These treats contain coconut oil, a healthy fat that is known to help nourish the skin. They also contain super-healthy buckwheat, are dairy-free and of course don’t… {Read More}

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

In this post, we look at the many benefits of coconut oil for dogs. The other day, a veterinarian friend of mine asked me an excellent question: “Why do you always talk about coconut oil?” In response, I began spouting off the benefits of coconut oil for dogs to her. And then it dawned on me that perhaps more people would like to hear my… {Read More}